Not knowing from differences of articles, would apple cider vinegar and lemon juice effectively dissolved gallstones ..ufort. already had GB removal and really felt better before ... much complicat. arised and really was better off before also read that bileduct blockage isnt fequent and told though could or could not occur yet the cholesect. made me ill 3 mos later still concerned if permenent as some say could be and surg didnt want to even try Ursidiol and tried only one other opinion as now hoping that natural remedies wouldnt have worked yet some proponents say they do althogh mixed articles on internet found out only 9 g st. not many? at 1cm and final report showed ulceration but not perforation would anyone know if the removal was necess.? and also Just found of endoscopy yet surg fixed on removal as only way really beginning to doubt as symptoms worse than just the vague pain i had befor e removal.... all necessary? cause diarrea is bad notbefore surg. and just everything in general worse off after than before proced.