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I am 19 yrs old and a smoker but i called myself as a occasional smoker i just smoke on parties or everytime i go out. i just wanna ask is there a possibility for me having lung spots or lung ailments/ diseases? I smoke up to 6 sticks or lesser everytime i smoke, and i would be having medical exam because i am a seafarer can you help me with this guys? 


Chain smoking is the practice of lighting a new cigaratte immediately after one that is finished,sometimes using the finished

cigarette to light the next one.

However, no person can tell you on how many cigarettes per day a person has to smoke to be considered a chain smoker.

I can’t say weather you are a heavy smoker or not but can advise you to leave smoking as soon as possible.

If you think you are a  heavy smoker then it may lead to breathlessness, difficulty in swallowing food.

Besides all this weakness and unexplained weight loss can happen.

Over all it leads to cancer. So say no to smoking and judge yourself considering the above facts weather you are a heavy






Is there a possibility for me having spots on my lungs or other lung ailments? what would be the symptoms, and i can say that im not a heavy smoker bcoz i never experienced those what youve said btw thanks my friend