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Alright so I smoked for 2 years but extremly heavily for around 4 months, by heavily i mean everyday minimum of once but maximum of like 10 times a day.

I started getting anxiety attacks everytime i was on a comedown from weed so after the burnt out stage.

This will be my second day not smoking and my nerves are shot, i feel like everyone is against me, even my best friends all of which i can no longer relate to because i cant smoke right now.

If i stop smoking for say 2 weeks do you think i will be able to start smoking again or have any of you tried smoking again and gone right back to the attacks?



hey dont worry alot of people have smoked they just dont want to admit it . you might be something in the weed cause if its just natural weed i dont think you would be having this problem


Hellooo fellow pot smoker ;-) haha... well actually for the past year and a half or so I have been trying to dramatically cut my marijuana usage. I took up smoking heavily in 8th grade and have been a smoker ever since. Pretty much every day or every weekend, whenever it was around or I could get my hands on it. Really, all anxiety or stress or having to use drugs is- is just lack of mental stability. Again, I know this out of personal experience. Your best answer would to be to look at the root of your problem. Why do you smoke? Why does it matter what your friends think or want, if you are suffering? Because apparantly you are wanting to quit for some reason.

I've found that alot of tha habits I have took up are because I'ma heavy procrastinator and I feel like if I replace something else with my time that I am getting sumthign done... which really isn't the case which in turn causes me to feel more anxious or stressed.

Subconciously your mind knows what you are putting off or that you don't feel good with what your doing for some reason. It is your body telling you something and it is your responsibility to listen and make the change accordingly.

I've always vouched for pot and SURE it's great sometimes. But if you realize tha majority of pot smokers you kno really don't do much with their lives or postpone responsibilities because they are tryin to find their next fix or are jus high and lazy... you realize there are so much better things out there to do! Think about how large the world really is, and all the possibilities you have in this ONE LIFE.

Don't shut out possibilities and stay stuck in tha same little rut by just smoking everyday and feeling too old and sluggish and hungry to do anything but laugh, eat, and sleep.

Really, you should jus think of smoking weed as more of a "treat" or "reward" than a habit. Because then not only will you have more fun once you are high and appreciate the high more.... but you also will have time to be you and think clear thoughts.. spend time taking steps to fulfill your dreams.