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I am 19 and I'm thinking about starting to take whey protein.  Most people on the internet say that protein supplements such as whey protein and casein help build muscle faster. I'm quite skinny and I would like to get into body building. Will increasing my protein intake help me gain a toned body and more muscles? Do whey protein actually work? Are there any health risks? Because a lot of people say it's just a waste of money and it does more bad than good.



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whey protein is okay, but without lots of proteins from actual food you won't bulk up. 

lean meat (chicken breast, turkey, beef, fish), proteins from veggies (quinoa, beans, chia seeds are okay too), veggies to add the fiber to your nutrition.

Whey protein is a supplement - 1-2 scoops a day are fine, probably you'll have some issues with gases ... most people do, so don't be surprised  :)