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These protein bars are very simple to make – you need about 15 minutes and your kitchen will be clean again, and you'll have about 10 rolls of protein bars  in the fridge. No cooking needed. As easy at that.



-       200 g mussli (oats, rye, barley … a mixture or whatever you prefer)

-       100 g of protein powder (I prefer chocolate, I made this recipe with “cookies and cream” flavor and it’s delicious. Vanilla is great too)

-       1 spoon peanut butter (if you are allergic, you can use tahini)

-       1-2 spoons honey - depends how sweet you want it  to be (or if you use Stevia, use Steavia instead honey)

-       About 1,5 dcl milk (almond milk is perfect, but the usual cow milk is also just fine…)

-       1 spoon cocoa powder (you can skip that if you don't like it)

I usually also add about 15 almonds (chop them). If you like, you can add raisins and some other chopped dry fruit.


-       Ground flax (or you does not have to be ground)  / or coconut flour - you will roll protein bars in that, so don't add it to the mixture.




Wash your hands, because you will be squishing the ingredients together with your hands.

Put all ingredients in a large bowl and mix. The mixture should not have the consistency of a butter, but should be more like a concrete…

When you mix ingredients together, wash your hands with cold wanter and with wet hands start rolling the dough. The dough will not stick to your hands if you roll it with wet hands (cold water).  Roll dough in your hands – they will look like a hot dog shaped bars.

At the end roll protein bars in the ground flax (flax does not have t be ground – whatever you prefer) or if you like coconut flour, it works also good. It has more calories comparing to flax and it is more fattening, so if you are trying to lose fat and build more muscle, choose flax.

This will make about 10 protein bars. You can store them in covered plastic container in a fridge for about 7 days, but you can also freeze them.

I love making them and I got positive comments so far. Would love to know what you think about them and how you make them!



thanks for this recipe - I just finished making a batch and they taste delicious!

Just one question though - will they thighten in the fridge? At the momen my 'bars' are more protein pies :)



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Nikols, have you tried it already? 

I making this about every 2 weeks - but without the protein powder and with smaller variations - stevia instead honey) - it still has enough proteins, even without the protein powder. This is great stuff - really! it is a perfect snack while I am work - and it doesn't take any space - I keep it in a plastic container - from the amount suggested in the recipe, I get about 10-12 rolls or sth like that - depens how big I make them, or you can make balls, if that's more convenient. it can be in a fridge - about a week or so ... It takes less space than a package if 10 eggs - so don't worry about that ;) 

It can get a bit messy - but as TaniaT suggested - wet your hands when you make rolls or balls - it is much much easier - the mess won't  get so sticky.