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Hello there,

so this Aztec diet is very popular, even if I have heard about it a few days ago :) I am glad that Aztec is popular, because you can tell me a lot of things about it.

Again, I have some questions. Does anyone in here have any homemade recipes for Aztec diet? Because, some of you have told me that this is simple and quick diet program. 

Share some recipes with me, and please, they must be really yummy :) 

If you can, tell me the best recipes for three main meals.

Thanks a lot!



yes, we told you that the recipes are really simple and easy. 

Personally, I love this one. I think you can make it for three seconds :) Joke, of course, but you will need about five minutes to prepare it. 

Pomegranate pleasure is name of this recipe. You will need : two cups of spinach, half cup of non - fat yogurt, one banana, half cup of pomegranate juice, one cup of water and 3 small spoons of chia seeds.

I love to blend it until it is smooth. I just love to drink or eat this for my breakfast.

Enjoy, you are going to like it. 




basically all you need to do most of your time is to smooth :) No, serious, I think that the main thing in this diet that you need to follow is to blend your groceries, because of chia seeds. That is cool, I know a lot of people who use chia seeds in their meal, and they don't follow this diet. The main reason is that chia seed is really healthy. Personally, I do not follow this diet, but someday I use some great recipes, usually for my breakfast.

Chocolate Cherry Banocado - you need one avocado, one banana, half cup of frozen cherries, two spoons of raw cacao powder, three spoons of chia seeds and water. Again, all you need to do is to smooth, but it is amazing.



Yeah, I know a lot of people who use chia seeds in their meals, but they don't follow Aztec diet. The rules are pretty clear. For example, before the breakfast, you should eat one apple, for breakfast eat chocolate cherry banocado, for lunch you can eat one cup of low - fat cheese. After lunch, you can grab a snack, but it must be some fruit, maybe you should eat grapefruit. Dinner - something light, like non - fat yogurt or low - fat cheese, and don't snack after dinner. 

My sister was following this program and she lost 17 pounds after 30 days.