I am 44 and still not quite to menopause.  I've been on the Depo-Prevera since earlier this year.  I have had the irregular periods but always have still had my regular period within 50 days.

This time, I am currently on Day 68 which is the longest I have gone without a period, and still no period.  I'm going off the Depo middle of November and am not going back to renew the shot.  I'm recently done with an ex, but now am fearing that I may possibly be pregnant.

I've been getting nausea in the mornings off and on lately and I just don't feel good.  I'm just wondering if I could be pregnant while still on the depo-prevera. 

The nurses seem to think it's nothing, yet the longer it goes on, I will feel the need to get a pregnancy test next month to make sure.  I have heard of women getting pregnant while on the depo-prevera.

And my nurse has gotten the days mixed up before when I need to come in for the shot.