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I am a 22 years old and my boyfriend is 25 years. We have decided not to indulge in an intercourse till we tie the not but then we often indulge in foreplay and oral sex... The other day we were indulging in oral sex but with protection. I have the following queries . I did not have my panties on but my boyfriend had his boxers on and he was stroking me. He then put a condom and did not ejaculate inside me. Could i get pregnant? Every time after he ejaculated he washed his penis .Also there were times when he was not wearing a condom but his penis was near my thigh but he did not ejauclate there.This happened on the 4 th day after my periods. Are there any chances of conception? My boyfreind and i are very  worried. Also do i need to take an emergency contraceptive?


No its very unlikely you are pregnant but if you shown any of the syptoms of pregnany you could sort it x

The syptoms are:

Being or Feeling sick
Sore and/or swollen breasts
Tender stomach
Feeling really emotional and weepy