So me and my boyfriend were fooling around a couple days after my period ended. First we tried to have sex and somehow we didn't end up doing it. His penis did touch my vagina but he had a condom on. Then I gave him oral and from then I went on top and we weren't having sex but his penis (not the head or anything) was rubbing against my vagina without the condom on this time. (The penis head was facing him not me) I'm not so sure but I think that his penis did eventually touch my vagina with he head of it but it was right after I gave him head. This was around the time I'm ovulating so I'm scared I could be pregnant. Ive read a lot about this and some people say that precum can get you pregnant and others don't. But the only time his uncovered penis was touching my vagina was after I gave him oral so I would've licked he precum off. Could I be pregnant? Any help is appreciated.