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I have a strange feeling on my throat. It feels like someone is pressing their fist against my throat and chest (most on the left side under the collarbone). I also have a thightness on my neck and sometimes my left arm and fingers is numb and feels light and strange.
This is very unpleasant and I have been to my doctor several times, but they cant find anything wrong witj my health, so they belive it has something to do with nerves that are compressed in the area. And I have been taking anti inflammatory drugs now for 2 weeks. The pressure over the throat and chest has become a little bit better, bur it is still there.
I have been reading about TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) and I wonder if anyone here have any experince of that syndrome? Can it be that syndrome that I have? I have no pain, just this pressure ...

Thank in advance.



TOS generally does not have anything to do with your throat. It is the compression of the nerves right above your collarbone on either side of your neck. It typically causes numbness in the arm and pain up the neck and/or down the back. Although there are many causes, reasons, for TOS it all comes down to your muscles contracting and compressing your nerves. You must see a specialist, specially a vascular surgeon.