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When suffering from mental illnesses can the sufferier experience symptoms of which they would seem to be suffering from a physical problem but these symptoms are brought on by the ill mind? Any ideas welcome. From tony


I wish more people were aware of the physical symptoms brought on by mental illness. I wish there were more resources about this specifically, I don't know if these symptoms are brought on by my depression, or by anxiety. The physical symptoms I get are so hard to explain to people, like my BOSS, who would treat us with more sympathy if they had a clue about the pain we're in. I'm choosing to leave the second job in two years because I can't get rid of these physical symptoms that seem to get worse every winter. A couple of weeks ago, I was in a shift and my stomach was hurting terribly, I felt like I had gas or diarrea, so I went to sit on the toilet, I felt better in the bathroom, but then as soon as I came back out onto the floor the pain returned. After I told the manager about this and we arranged for someone to come in and finish my shift, my stomach felt a little better but I still felt so weak, shaky, and SO very guilty for not being able to continue my work. Last year the pain was so terrible that a doctor told me I would be having my appendix out the next day! (it didn't happen as the pain was not worse in the morning) But this pain is very real, it's not in your head, it's not just an excuse not to go to work. This is something that I feel employers should be aware of as it has become a problem with me, that my boss can't understand that I wasn't thinking about anything worrisome when my stomach started to hurt, it was an accumulation of stress over many weeks. I had arrived at work healthy and happy and looking forward to working the whole night, but when the pain began, I didn't know what to do about it, I have been through some CBT and have tools to keep my thoughts positive, and they weren't the running speedy thoughts that I normal have when headed for a bad depression because I've been using the CBT tools. I was enjoying my shift, and the people I work with, and the customers, but I still got that pain. Now because of this situation, I have been avoiding talking to my former boss, which means avoiding a place where I have friends and enjoy eating the food. I chose not to return to work because I do have another opportunity that will work better for me (taking care of my own child at the same time as being a nanny for someone else's) My doctor feels that the symptoms I have been having, physical and otherwise, are part of the cycle of my depression, I live on the west coast and don't get the sunshine I need to make it through the winter healthy. And I have a lot more stress than just work. Because of the CBT I am a lot more healthy than I would have been without it, and have already been working a temp job for this week and last week, and look forward to my new full-time position starting in March!
I'll say that main point again because it is so very important:


Christ's blessings to you all,

Katt Fink