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hello, i smoked weed once and got a panic attack and seems like i cant get over it the more i think about what happened the more i feel it coming back..i havent smoked ever since it was about 3 weeks ago and now yesterday i felt the feeling again, do i still have weed in my system or is it just my head? i feel drowsy and my eyes feel so heavy..i get chest pains and feel like every thing around me repeats itself, should i see a doctor about this im 17 and a female, pls help


Please calm down. Anxiety can be triggered by weed. Right now you're in a cycle where the fear of having a panic attack is making you more anxious. It is all a mind process which can give you physical and mental symptoms like chest pain, more anxiety, dizziness, etc.etc.. There are different ways to deal with this. First and most important is that you accept the symptoms to be caused by anxiety. You can use mantra's like "I am completely healthy and in control" that you can use during the day. It takes your focus away from the fear and it slowly alters your mindset to become less anxious. You can also talk to a psychologist to help you overcome any anxiety, as they can provide you more tools.

don't be afraid of your own mind, you are the boss of it... you just need to convince yourself about that :)

take care