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Recently, I started to suffer from terrible headaches.
I have never had any problems with headaches because I consider my self as very healthy person. I jog and work out regularly for over then 20 years now.
But, like I said, I started to suffer from these migraines and tension headaches. What is interesting - they occurred almost every time I got home from work. They are lasting about two hours and after a sleep-they are gone. I don’t know how they can be connected with my job because my job is the same like it was 10 years ago.
I contacted my doctor and, after he examined me, he said that I probably suffer from one migraine, with unknown cause.
He sad that possible cause could be dilatation of brain vessels and he prescribed me Midrine.
Does this sound familiar to anyone? What kind of drug this is?


I have diagnosed with same diagnosis like you a year ago.
So, I’ve been taking this Midrine drug all this time and I can say that it relieved my headaches big time.
My headaches were also terrible and sometimes it caused even vomiting and faking out.
This is not usual drug with one component. This is mixture of several drugs like isometheptene mucate, dichloralphenazone and acetaminophen.
Midrine’s basic role is to prevent blood vessels in your head from expanding and causing headaches.
It is known that this drug combination will relieve your symptoms and with no, or some side effects.
Common side effects are drowsiness and skin rash but they occurred to minority of patients. I know that it will be a hard to get use to taking drug on daily basis but I’m sorry-it is the only way.


My doctor prescribed me Midrine for headaches also r/t an injury at work. my question is does this med make you gain weight, and what about side effects such breaking out into a rash. T hat's a side affect I can
t afford to have ?


I was told that midrine (for migrain head acks) was taken off the market.
Is this true.


I have been using it for many years and have been very happy!

Midrin is for the onset of the headache only, not to prevent migraines. It has been in the market for quite some time now, so its not one of the newer drugs for migraines.

I found that Midrin is the only migraine onset medication that has worked for me…and I have tried EVERYTHING out on the market. After spending thousands of dollars on prescription medication, I have found that this simple medication was all I needed to take care of the pain and make the headache go away. It has not been taken off the market…it is actually scarce b/c it is in high demand.

Acetaminophen pain reliever and fever reducer.

Dichloralphenazone- is a mild sedative

Isometheptene is a a drug that causes constriction (narrowing) of cerebral blood vessels---DECREASING THE PAIN