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Hello. I suffer from epilepsy for about 10 years now. I’m trying to prevent complications and to keep my condition under “normal proportions”.
I used several drugs and some of them help me to get rid of anxiety and difficulties in verbal expression, but none of them helped to reduce the frequency of partial epileptic seizures.
This is a big problem for me because I sometimes got epileptic seizure while I’m working and I had several injuries caused by falling.
Did anybody have this kind of problems and are they really incurable?
Please help!


Incurable? I don’t think so!
I can see that you don’t pay your doctor a visit as often as you should.
There is a “new” drug on market called Zonegram.
It is on market for almost a three year now and it is the best antiseizure medication.
Zonegram is used in combination with other antiseizure medications, not by itself. It can almost cut out all seizures but you have to dose it properly.
Like any drug it has his own sidefects like: abdominal pain, agitation, confusion, depression, diarrhea and difficulty concentrating but if none of this symptoms show in first month of using-then they will not show at all.
So, my advice is-run to your neurologist and get a subscription for Zonegram. It isn’t so expensive and you shouldn’t have any more problems with uncontrolled seizure attacks.