I have a question about my immune system. Four years ago I was going to a specialist that diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. At the time I had not been sick with a cold or any type of virus for 6 years. I ask her about this and she told me that my immune system was in overdrive she did blood work and my Killer T cells were very low and she had me on ATP shots to bring them up. Unfortunately this doctor was out of state and I couldn't afford to go see her any longer. My Killer T cell level never came up but I still never got sick.
Yes I know that is a blessing.
Although I found a doctor in my town when I tried to explain to him about it he laughed at me so I don't see him any more since I hadn't been sick. I am currently under pain management for back problems and arthritis and the fibromyalgia. But this past week I finally caught a virus and it hit me hard. I didn't go to the doctor I just let it run its course. What I now want to know is, does that mean my immune system has burned itself out? As of this week it would have been 10 years no cold, virus sore throat or anything just pain problems. Although I am the prime care taker of my family that seems to catch everything. Do I need to be concerned about finally getting a virus and if so how do I get my doctor to understand . I really don't like being laughed at when I am only relating what a specialist told me and he could have easily called for my records to get more in-debt information. Thank you for any help.