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i have constantly itching skin ,but taking a claratyne every 6/7 days eases the itch..if i scratch my skin anytime it will welt..once the itch starts it just spreads from the immediate area to surrounding and i have to scratch until it hurts and actually scratches the skin..if for example my back starts to itch i end up scratching the whole back and it is just a whole lot of welts where my nails have doctor suggested it was an overactive immune system..i've had the prob for about ten years..claratyne helps the itches but not the welting..any ideas or recognise any of these symptoms?
any help would be great
thankyou ? ?


you have the same thing I suffer from, it runs in the auto immune disorder it called dermographism. My skin will welt I ithch in one area then it feels like I am breaking out in hives. Benadrly will help. Keep your windows close pollen will make it worse. There is no cure for it you can only treat the itching when it accures. I take the different types of allergy meds plus the benadrly, also stress will set it off I wish you the best.