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I’ve been using moringa plant for years now, mainly because it’s a simple and efficient way to make sure I’m taking enough vitamins and antioxidants, but I just recently read more about its antibacterial properties that could make a great difference in risk levels for common infections. My two kids are both ssd (they both suffer from sickle cell anemia) and even though we’ve been lucky so far and avoided any major hospitalizations, I’m hoping to keep things that way at least as far as complications caused by infections are concerned. However, even though it seems like there are no obstacles for my daughters to take moringa, I’m not quite ready to test things without some actual proof that moringa at least won’t do them no harm. Does anyone know is moringa safe to use in children?



I think you can quite safely use moringa leaves either as tea or as powder - and you kids can too. I was interested how safe was moringa generally, and from what I've read it really can be beneficial for both adults and kids with weakened immune system. One particularly interesting piece of info that confirms this is a interview with orphanage caregiver from Haiti (after the earthquake) - instead of any medication, they had sucess in preventing infections using the moringa instead. And you can also find moringa supplements specifically for kids, and that would probably be the best way to go about this because of the correct amount is suited for children.