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one week ago i woke up at 5am and had to vomit i took a shower and i went to the er cause it was red it tested posotive for food so i thought i was just food poisoning but the next morningit happened again and then the next and i has happened every day since i read about something like this and stress triggered it and i have been haveing troubls at school and my dad is now doing drugs and i am depressed and stressed is this y i feel like this


Hi Ignite,

Yes, stress can cause you to vomit.

I'm glad you went to the ER when you saw the red. They must not have thought it significant. Are you still seeing red?

Talking to someone can often help reduce your stress. Can you talk to a counselor at school, maybe your priest, or your doctor? It is not good for you to be vomiting on a regular basis.

Let us know what's going on.

Hang in there.