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About 4 weeks ago I was absolutely fine, had dinner around 5pm and got on with my evening. Around 8.30 out of no where I had the most excruciating pain under my right breast and through to my back under my right sholder blade. I couldn't stand, sit, lay down or breath properly and no matter what I did the pain wouldn't go away. I thought my lung was collapsing. I called out the out of hours doctor but by 11.30 when he finally called back the pain had gone. I went to the doc the following day, he pushed on my gallbladder and I hit the ceiling! He said about gallstones and has referred me to have a ultra sound which I am still waiting for the Appointment to come through. Every day since the first "attack" I have constant dull sharp pain in my back under my right shoulder blade and sometimes it hurts to breath. This gets worse after eating and especially after eating anything dairy like cheese. A few days after my first doctor visit I started with diarrhoea.. This has got gradually worse and now I can't eat a meal without having to go to the bathroom 10 mins later. A few times I have not even made it to the bathroom!! It comes on that sudden! I'm constantly cold and feeling very tired also. Does this sound like stones or dysfunctional gb? A few weeks before all this started I had been very poorly with abcessed teeth where Id had about 5 infections in a row and was constantly on painkillers for weeks and sometimes taking to many.. Could this have caused my gallbladder to pack in?? Any help from anyone who has had something similar would be a great help as I'm in the dark untill I have this ultra sound and am fed up with constantly being in pain and hungry :( Thanks in advance




it definitely sounds like you're experiencing gallstones attack, and the sooner you get an ultrasound the better. Depending on which painkillers you took, it's not too likely that they directly affected your gallbladder. However, painkillers - especially too many of them and especially painkillers that contain acetaminophen, do affect your liver. Liver is responsible for bile production and it's possible that while your liver was overwhelmed with medications, either bile ducts that carry the bile to the bladder, or the production of bile itself were affected. Meanwhile, try eating only small amounts of fairly bland food – boiled chicken, white rice and similar – that should at least help in not irritating the gallbladder further

Wish you all the best,