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Im 24 an after 3 years of pain, My doctors have just found out that i have gallstones (i had a mri full body scan at 21 for the pain...) The doctor has now said i will get it all sorted in the next few weeks.....

Im just wanting to know if anyone has had this done an if so what am i to exspect really? No one in my family suffer from this, and i get the attacks more or less every week althou now i barley eat because it kills me after a hour of having it, Or if i do eat something whats going to send me crazy i just have to force myself to be sick wrong i know but no painkillers or medication from the doctors will work

How long do i need to take off work?

Has anyone lost any weight due to this?

before an after tips??


Hope to hear back from someone soon x



hi, i had my gallbladder removed 5yrs ago, and continued with problems, untill they found them in my bile duct this yr, i had to have them removed, which they do down your throat, that procedure went wrong for me and i had to have major surgery, end result is i have no gallbladder, no stones in my bileduct, and im still in pain!!!! not everyone is the same but the majority of people will still suffer with pain