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my wife just had gall bladder sirgery and she wants to know if there are any side effects that the body can have after removel, how the lack of bile ib the stomach how does the digestive system work without it. what foods can she eat and which foods she sould stsy sway from


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Hello, I had my gallbladder removed and haven’t suffered any complications or side effects but I do know a little about it. Even if the gallbladder is removed, bile will still be produced because it is not made by the gallbladder but by the liver.
Gallbaldder only serves to store bile until it is expelled for digestion. When gallbladder is gone, bile will be kept by the liver.

Usually, there are no problems but in some cases, liver may become weak due to overwork and this could result in tiredness and fatigue.

Because it will take some time for the things to start working normally, bile may be released slower and digestion may be a problem at first, and she may suffer from constipation or gas and bloating.

Diarrhea could be a side effect of gallbladder removal as bile would be constantly leaking in the intestines.

As far as nutrition goes, I have kept the program that I had when I had the gallstones. I do indulge myself from time to time but I try to eat low fat foods, since this is contributing to general health not just digestion.

I hope everything goes well with your wife.


She might find some sensitivity to extremely fatty foods. After i had mine out i found that eating a lot of fatty food would make me feel a little crampy and nauseous. More so than before. This is because the body has less bile stored in reserve. Hope she has a speedy recovery.


I had my gallbladder out five years ago when I was 13. My doctor told me that afterwards it generaly wouldn't matter what I ate, but I may have some sensetivity to fatty foods. Since then I have had no problems, even after eating fatty foods.
It’s a common misconception that removal of the gallbladder leads to a lessening of bile. I got really upset when my anatomy teacher taught us that without our gallbladder we would have no bile, which is completely untrue. Even though the gallbladder does have a purpose, the body can function normaly without it. The body can store bile within the liver for later use; having bile constantly circulate from liver to bile duct to small intestine and back.
Basically, there are no long term diet restrictions after surgery. So unless she feels sensativity to certain foods she should be able to keep on living like shes use to.