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Hello there,

I am still planning to use toning shoes :) I was using them, now I want to do it again, because I have a mission to lose my weight, and I want to start walk first. That is something that I must do, and it is pretty easy to walk lol :) Now, about toning shoes, there are some things that I don’t understand so clear, so I was wondering that you guys can help me.

Can toning shoes tone your legs and your buttock?

I really want to try to be fir, and I don’t know can I make this to happen soon :)

If you have any more information, I would like to know them.

Thank you! 



Everyone want to know can a pair of shoes help you burn your calorie, tone your legs and your buttock :) Well, it depends who wants to know this lol :)

No, I am not silly, and now you will see why.

Of course, it can help you tone it, but as long as you exercise when you are using your toning shoes.

But, unfortunately, these shoes do not deliver the fitness or some muscle benefits, as far as I know, so you need to try so hard.

So, if you want to have them, walk, exercise and you can see some progress. 



Hey there,

I doubt it. Those toning shoes are not so god, that is my opinion. I mean, you can always lose some pounds when you are walking, running, or something like that. I mean, you can do that in the ordinary snickers, it doesn’t have to be toning shoes. I am not sure how much toning shoes can tone your legs and your buttock, but they are really  comfortable :) I have one pair and I am happy with it, I just enjoy walking in them. I think that I can walk for hours :)

But, I don’t believe that they tone your legs so much :)