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hey ... i'm on a very strict diet , and i really want to lose weight fast ! so i don't just want to diet , i want to do some exercise so i decided to take basketball , running and cycling ! i want to ask about running , if i run like 4 days a week and for 30 minutes , would i have these ugly big muscles in my legs ? like i really want to lose fat in my legs ( they are so large ) but i don't want to lose fat in my legs and then come up with another problem which is big muscles ! i want to have good legs ( thin ) ! i like doing exercises and i'm energetic ! soo help me and give me advice !


It'll take time. Running per say will not give you huge muscles given it's only 4 days a week for 30 minutes.

You'll want to tone your legs as well. Squats and lunges. I hate lunges, but they are perfect for building strength and toning your legs all over. Squats help too.

You can also do jackknives on the stability ball too. It'll work your arms, abs, back and legs. Get down to a pushup position with feet on the ball. Roll your feet forward towards your chest and back again. Slow is good. It's hard, but very effective. There's more, but not enough space here.

Good Luck!