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Here's my problem: The only shoes I can wear comfortably are my newest running shoes. Even in my older pair of running shoes my feet hurt. When should I consider going to the doctor? My feet don't hurt while running. Just walking and sitting and wearing any other shoe I own. Even slippers.

Mainly my feet hurt right below my big toe where it joins my foot. And the ball of my foot directly behind my big toe. When I put on shoes, the arch
starts to hurt and sometimes the outside. None of this happens in my running shoes. (Bought them in Oct)

(I refuse to wear my running shoes for anything but running, but the pain
got so bad I wore them to the mall--and no pain!)

I wear high heels maybe once every few months.

Is this something so obvious only an id**t would miss it? If so, be kind!


You should probably see your doctor.
Maybe you should buy the same shoes you run in for walking? That's kind of strange. Your walking shoes sound as if they aren't fitting your feet well. Good luck.


The obvious answer would be to wear your running shoes all the time and run to wherever you need to go, lol. JK. You probably should go see a doctor about it. It will eventually hurt to the point where you won't be able to run anymore, then you'll regret it.

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