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So, I went today to the supermarket because I wanted to buy toning shoes for my friend and for my mother as well. There was some girl that worked there, she was really annoying. I asked her to help me chose toning shoes for them, and she was not nice – at all! When I told her why I need to pair and for who, she told me that I should buy just for my mother, because toning shoes are for older people only.

I don’t know, I am not sure and I can’ tell, but I think that this is not correct.

What do you think?

Are toning shoes for older people only?

Let me know.

Thank you!


Hey there,

No! No way. That is so not true. I mean, everyone can wear toning shoes, it doesn’t matter are you old or young. So, I really do believe that this information is not correct. At all. Toning shoes are for everyone, boys, girls, ladies, gentleman, older, younger – no rules.Everyone can wear them in the gym, while you are walking or running, there is no rules.

I can’t really tell you why she told you this, but she was unpleasant, as you were saying.

Maybe it wasn’t her day! Lol

So, go for it and buy two pair – for a friend and for your mother! 



Hello folks,

Silly thing, right? And I really think that you agree with me as well. Don’t worry, she was just in the bad mood lol. Toning shoes are made for everyone, it doesn’t matter what age you are. Of course, the fact is that older people wear those shoes the most because they are in that age when that is very, very important. They love to walk too much and those shoes are really comfortable for them. In all those commercials, you will see that they are wearing them, but that doesn’t have to mean that they are the only one who can wear them.Feel free to buy them.good luck! 



Hello there,

I just love you guys. You are so fast in your answers. Thank you so much. As I were saying, I think that she had a bad day, but I have to say that I was so confused after that unpleasant talk lol. Then, I remember all those commercials, and you have the point, all those people were older and I was thing that I am crazy lol :) But, I know that a lot of my friends were wearing them, I have one pair as well, and I was confused – even more :)

Anyway, thank you. I will buy those shoes for them :)