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Hey there,

This story about toning shoes really got me intrigued. I love to walk, and I am planning to buy a new pair of shoes, for me, my husband and my kid. So, we can walk together lol.

But, beside this, I have one question, and I am really curios. Tell me, do you know what are healthy benefits of toning shoes? Are there any health benefits? I mean, I suppose that there are, but I haven’t heard anyone talking about this.

Do you have any experience with this one?

Any information will be really nice, because I suppose that there are some benefits, right?

Anyway, tell us! 



So every single product on the market for weight loss has it benefits. Now, about toning shoes, well, I don’t know how much I can say about this. I will try. There is one benefit that is really, really good. Toning shoes are designed to make your muscles work harder than ever. They also have some style that is also beneficial, but I believe that this is the best benefit. I am not saying that it is only one, but that is all I know.I really want to know are there more benefits, so if they are, let us know.

I am curious :)

Tnx a lot! 



Hi there,

Well, advertising was really good about this. It is really weird that you don’t know other benefits, lol. I mean, it was all about TV and radio. So, according to them, they improve your muscles strength and tone, they also can improve your balance, posture. Those shoes will help you burn your calories as well, they will help you relieving your stress while you are running or walking. It eliminates back, foot and leg pain. As you can see, there are a lot of benefits, that you are going to love. I mean, I love them :) Everybody does :)

Have a nice day!