I had  pain in the back of my head back lower near my ear and it's radiant upperback of my ear,start in 2006-2007 until now, back then it comes  2-3 times a month only, but this time everyday,  4-5times+ a day for few minutes then comes again. I'cry with pain and i can't do nothing whole day. I had an MRI & CT scan on 2007 nothing found, that time my mouth and is a bit twisted and numed. It went away. So i ignored,becasue everytime i go to doctor they said nothing wrong with me. Everyday every minute i have fear that could anytime i passed out and be gone, because of the pain and how i felt.

On that year it's develop to expereince a chest pain and on my left side dizzeness until now and out balance when i stand up or walk.  I went to Cardiologist, and breast to ruled out. Some cyst removed from my breast but is still ache, but the sharp pain that feel stabing me is gone. Everyday ihave a some hot and cold feelings and sweat that seem i run for 5 miles.

I also developed some abdominal pain on my right side, and upper stomach,check everthing it was normal but said i may have H-hypoliry bacteria so i took an antibiotics. Then i have a colonoscopy done last June 2013 but the pain is still exist. I told them i don't think colonoscopy is needed.I went to OBGyn is normal only some cyst but they said it's not a problem.

I been going to chripactor, masssage,accupancture,hot tub,exercise the pain still comes and go.

I'm 50 yrs old although everyone said i look 40. I'm taking blood pressure and some allergy medecine too.