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can a virgen get pregnant?


If she is completely abstinent from all sexual activities then no! you can't get pregnant!!!

but, if she has UNPROTECTED genital-to-genital contact.
Rubbing sexual parts on each other.
for example: if her vagina or vulva comes in contact with semen or male sexual fluids.
if a man ejaculates all over her genitals then yes.
if a penis rubs against her vagina (but doesnt go in).
technically it is possible to conceive without penetration, although the chances are very very very tiny!.

Basically. his sexual fluids have to come in contact with your sexual fluids

Also, The presence of a Hymen doesn't affect your chances of getting pregnant in any way at all. You can still get pregnant if your hymen isn't broken. Or if the penis was only "a little bit" in. (Or if you are one of those people who have actually have sex but for some reason think you are still a virgin because you havent bled!!!)