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Hey just had some questions i am on clomid started testing for ovulation and on the 24th of this month the stick turned positive for ovulation. My husband and i had sex on that day . when i enter in on any conception website it says that i should ovulate on the 26th well today when i went to the bathroom there was a big glob of mucus so i thought oh maybe i am ovulation now? So i want to know if is it still possible to get pregnant. if we had sex on the 24th could i still get pregnant let me knwo


Hey every woman is different and the science isn’t perfect either. My sister was trying to conceive for years and she was using clomid as well. At the end of that nightmare she still doesn’t know what caused her to get pregnant. But she is sure in one thing. You need to relax.I know that this is easier to say then done but believe me this is the best thing you can do for yourself.  

How long have you been trying to conceive? Is this something you have just started or you are trying for some time? What does your husband think about everything? This is important because he must be good support during this process. So let him know that he must be the perfect man while you are trying to conceive.

If you want to know did you get pregnant on the day when you weren’t ovulating I think that you know the answer. Head to the pharmacy and buy pregnancy test.