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Hey guys,

Since my sister was a kid, she is having weight problems. She was always the fattest girl in the neighborhood :) lol. It was OK when she was a kid, she didn’t bother about the stories from the little boys in the neighborhood, but later, when she grow up, that was a big problem. She needs to get rid of 23 extra pounds, before August, because her ex-boyfriend (yes, she is still in love with him) is coming one day in the August, to visit her.

She is now so nervous and annoying, because she need to lost her weight. Somebody told her that lamer’s diet is perfect.Can you tell me for how long you need to follow, until you see first weight loss signs with this diet program?

Thank you! 



This is very popular diet program. There are a tons of ladies who are really happy with this diet program. She can lose her weight, but the best option she can do is to buy the book about this diet program, because this book can help her. I was reading this book, twice, I think :) While she is reading it, she needs to make a list of her weight loss goals. It is really a great stuff, but maybe it is a little bit hard to understand.

So, if she has a problems with understanding some diet program, maybe she should find some other solution :/

That is my opinion! 



Hi everyone,
I am following this diet program for five years now. I can say that this is not a diet for me, not anymore. This is my lifestyle, healthy lifestyle. When I started to follow this diet program, I was skeptical because it seems hard. And, it is a little bit. I would like to recommend you to read the book twice if you want to understand what this diet program can offer you, maybe you should read it for three times as well. First two months can be extremely hard, but you should not give up. Because, in those two hardest months, you will lose the most of your unwanted pounds.
I just want to say – thumbs up for this diet program, and she should follow it.


Hello everyone,

I know that it can be hard for her, but I believe that some hard diet program should finally teach her how to follow it and what to do. She has problem with it, and nobody doesn’t know how to help her. Neither do I!

So, OK, you told me that this one can be hard or strict, but I was wondering is there any chance that you can tell me how is it hard to follow it in the first two weeks?

Do you know?

Because, I believe that those two weeks are extremely hard for everyone.

Any chance that I can help her? 



I really can’t say can you help her, but if you want, you should be with her all the time and control what she eats and how much she eats. Especially if you say that she is not so disciplined at diet program. I mean, a lot of us are not disciplined, but the only way to help her is to control her.

It is pretty hard in the first two or three weeks, because your body needs to get used on some specific diet program.

Like I said to you, tons of ladies are happy with it. Tell her to make her own goals and go for it :)

Have a  nice day!