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My friends and I are great fans of cycling. We use every moment of our free time to go and ride our bicycles together. Lately we have planed to find some interesting routes which we may visit. There are many cycling routes but I was hoping someone would recommend me routes they liked best.


Hi, I am great fan of cycling too. I am cycling for more than 15 years and I never get enough. As I visited many cycling routes I may suggest you few which you would like.
Hadrian's Cycleway is great cycling rout as you may visit many monuments which belonged to Roman Empire. Length of this rout is 174 miles. You may see well known Hadrian's wall and oldest Roman Museum at Senhouse.
This rout passes trough New Castle and it starts in Tynemouth and ends in Ravenglass. One very important thing is that it would be good if you book your accommodations in advance because there is always crowd.

Seconds cycle rout which I am free to propose is Reivers Cycle Route. It is really great rout running from Tynemouth to Whitehaven. This rout is also unique as it starts on North Sea and than runs trough fantastic scenery of Northumberland. Also you may se ther the biggest artificial lake in Europe, Kielder Water. It passes trough Scotland and ends on Irish sea. Rout is 171 miles long.