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im 17 years old and have been sexually active for about 6 months now. I have sex with a condom and sometimes I don't. Lately Ive been having yeast infections over and over. When they first started I went to my gynecologist and she gave me pills for a bacteria infection. They got rid of it for a while but i think I had unprotected sex again with the same person who gave me the infection and they came back. but lately they have been light and have a certain odor to them. my last two periods have been lighter than usual and they last the same three days..they are just lighter than im used to. Is this unusual???


There's a simple explanation for this. When you take antibiotics, they don't just kill the bacteria that's causing the infection, they also kill the good bacteria naturally found in your body. There are bacteria in your small intestine that keep a naturally occurring fungus, called Candida, in the body benign. When they are killed off, they no longer keep the fungus benign. What results is the rapid overgrowth of the fungus. The Candida can start growing in your intestines and go down to your vaginal area, which results in yeast infections, and up into your mouth and sinus areas, which results in thrush.

As long as you eat sugar, refined grains, yeast, milk and cheese, fermented foods, fungal foods, a lot of fruit, fruit juice, and a lot of potatoes, it'll feed the Candida and keep the infection in your body. You may want to give up eating these foods, or at least going very light on them, for at least six weeks, especially sugars. Does that sound like bad news? Yes, it's hard to swallow. But the same thing happened to me. When I gave up these foods, I was able to kill the overgrowth and I felt A LOT better.

Of course, I'm just a person who's online and not a health care practitioner. If you want to know about this "diet," or about other ways of taking care of it, you can talk to a doctor or homeopath/naturopath.

Also, please, please, PLEASE start using a condom every time you have sex! It's not worth it to keep getting STD's!