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Good morning all,

Im writing in regards to my eating problem. I can sometimes go days without eating and it doesnt really worry me, Im very skinny as you can imagine some would say unhealthy.
Im satisfied for the whole day with eating 1 meal all day, I think my stomach has shrunk to the point where its not needing much food.

I've gotta strech it, though I dont know how. I havent seen a doctor about this, more because I dont think they are going to help me much other than saying "Start eating". I fill up really quickly, and makes me feel ill if I have more than what I can eat (which isnt very much).

Any help or assistance would be great, and recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


The only way you are going to get better is if you DO see a doctor asap.

You might also be depressed and that causes a lack of appetite


i am JUST like this dude^... its like i dont care about eating.. i might be a lil bit depressed, but not a huge ammount.. i mean... its not depression.. its more of the blues.. anyway.. i dont care much about that either..

i would like to eat more, but after reaching a certain point i cant eat any more without retching...