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about a mouth ago i got a sore throat and a slight cold. then two weeks later i got a stomach virus. i got better after both of these, but now i have another cold this time about 10 times worse. i have had it for about a week now and cant get rid of it. and all through being sick all these times i have had a consant cough. the cough is really bad in the moring with a lot of mucus coming up from my lungs. and it is also really bad at night. its a consant cough at night with no mucus. its off and on through the night. dose any one have a cure for the major cold and really bad cough. please any advise is welcomed


My mother swears by nasal saline rinses.
If you have a nose syringe, simply add salt and water. Disolve the salt. Spray up your nose so saline gets into your sinuses. You can also get at the drugstore.
The drainage may be causing your cough too, so it may help it along with your sinuses.

Don't you hate colds????

Hope you are better soon.