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I have had trouble with my sinuses, throat and nose for weeks now. It is like a never ending cold, that constantly makes me feel terrible and keeps me awake at night, because breathing through my nose is not possible and sleeping with an open mouth doesn't do it for me. I think I want a drug to clear the congestion. Can you suggest any good ones?


There is a spray that is basically no more than a saline solution that you spray into the nose that really works for me. I can't remember the name now, but I do know that this nasal congestion spray was designed with children in mind. You can buy it over the counter. Just ask for a nasal congestion spray.


Hi Derek,

From your symptoms it seems like Chronic Sinusitis. You probably need to see a doctor.

As you know, Sinuses are air cavities that are present in the head (cranial) bone. Four paired sinus cavities are located in the forehead (Frontal), between the eyes (Ethmoid), behind the eyes (Sphenoid) and in the cheekbone (Maxillary). Each of these four sinus cavity has an opening, called Ostium, in the nose/nasal passage. The Ostium allows the movement of air and mucus.

As per your message, you have a never ending cold. This sounds like an infection which may be causing the inflammation of the sinuses. Due to the inflammation/swelling, the sinus opening (Ostium) gets blocked causing air and mucus to collect. This causes pressure on the sinus walls which leads to pain. I guess the discomfort that you are feeling maybe due to this. One cause for concern here is that bacteria thrive in mucus secretions. If the mucus is not cleared, bacteria can start infecting the sinus cavity.

As a first step, it is important that the mucus secretions are cleared on a regular basis. A Neti-pot with the correct mix of salts, carbonates and acid should do the trick. A more convenient method is to use a high tech nasal spray like Sinox Spray which contains a combination of mild antiseptics and surfactants. Sinox will help rinse away your thick or persistent mucus and it will relieve you of your discomfort.

Hope this helps.