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My boyfriend and i have been having sex for over 2 years now.. we don't often use a condom  as we should. when we first started having sex i was able to get wet really easily even before we had sex i would get really wet.. but now it seems like i'm almost not getting wet at all! i don't understand why. could i possibly have something? i am physically attracted to him and the emotion is all there so i don't think that's it.. but i am worried there may be something wrong with my body.. i am worried? what should i do?

help please. :-(


well reaching orgasm is what makes you get wet. the case of a women to reach orgasm is not clear at all but definitely related to emotions and the attraction to something or someone . the only explanation for you is that your losing that feeling of emotions to your boyfriend .. or maybe because you are experiencing sex and intercourse lots of times could be the problem .