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I am 15 and in ROTC I have a boyfriend there but when I see my instituter there working out in pt team I start to get we down there right by my boyfriend but it not him it's the teacher is that normal to want to have sex with my teacher or even to get wet down there


Both things are quite normal, don't worry. People are often attracted to someone who is in an authoritative position, such as teachers. I know lot of people who had a crush on their teacher, and I bet there are a lot of people who never told me but did so. It's also very common for girls to like men who are (a lot) older than they are. It certainly isn't wrong to fantasize about your teacher, and get turned on by him, but unless you are no longer his student you should not try to persuade him into having sex with you. That's illegal, and it could lead to a lot of problems for both of you. So please let these feelings not control your mind and keep to fantasies.

As for getting wet down there, that's totally not unusual or strange. It shows that your body longs for sexual activity, but if your mind isn't ready for it, don't do it.