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I used to get really wet with just a slightest touch on my body when i was 14yrs old back then. As i grow older each day, i can't get wet. Im 24yrs old now.
I've did do some research and find out that many ladies do have this problem too..
some advice to drink lots of water and some says to try consuming flaxseed, as it is reach in omega 3.
Does it helped?

I have another issue here. Since I can't get wet or maybe just a little wet during intercourse, pain is definitely there. After the intercourse,
I will start to feel very pain at the vigina and it will start to swollen. N a lump will occur on my right side near the lips of the vigina. As days goes by, the lump will grow bigger and bigger n finally it will burst and blood will start to flow for at least 2days, and finally the lump is gone.

What is the causes of it?

It has happened to me quite a several times and it is soooo irritating.. How can i avoid this from happening? When this thing occur, my mood my self esteem will drop. . please advice.


Several issues here:

firstly, with any experience, familiarity dulls the response; how many times could you watch a movie, beginning to end, beginning to end, beginning to end, day after day ... once, twice, three times? It is a tribute to the pleasurability of masturbation, sex, and orgasm that it is so resilient.

But that is only relative. The sense of awe, astonishment and wonder of a young teen discovering arousal, with hormones racing through their body, is far from the reaction of someone who has participated for one, two, three decades. There's a big difference between can't get wet and don't get wet, and I would step back a moment before you self-diagnose as can't (physical impossibility) vs don't (anecdotal observation).

Arousal is far more mental perhaps than appreciated, in men and most definitely in women. There is also a subtle difference between the male and female roles, as illustrated in the current viagra debate - seeking female viagra, which in my view is a nonsense, inasmuch as the male erection is required, or no sex will take place, and it is possible to trick the body into encouraging that without resolving the mental disconnect which is prevalent with age.

To trick a woman's body into submission, or emission of lubricant, when she's really not into it, seems bizarre, to say the least.

To treat arousal as a right or habit, like brushing your teeth, is to presume that you can force or expect a behaviour, a sort of muscular response; whereas arousal is a far more subtle, mental response with associated physical processes,a big difference.

I believe it may be of some value to consider this aspect, in your current situation.

Emotion has far more to do with this than I believe is appreciated.

Water is always advisable, simply because it is fundamental, and I have no doubt flaxseed, if it contains useful minerals, vitamins or chemicals, is also perfectly reasonable, but whether it genuinely helps this issue, or is simply a healthy contibution to your body, I simply couldn't say.


As to the second issue, that of having intercourse without sufficient or appropriate lubrication, I find that most disturbing. If you have ever had a friend or less than friend give you a friction burn on your arm, you know how east it is to cause pain and damage by pressure and rubbing. Why would you submit your most senstive part of the body to that punishment?

There are copious, if you will pardon the pun, supplies of lubricants, flavoured, slippery, oil based, water based (oil - such as baby oil, is generally regarded as not a good idea for lubrication, despite its pseudo-erotic reputation). Also, a partner who respects and understands your intention to have sex while essentially dry can adapt the intercourse to a more static, but equally pleasurable, indeed more so for two reasons: even in a lubricated woman, static, deep penetration can allow the woman to get into the feelings in such a way that a very powerful arousal and orgasmic response are generated; further, if the alternative is dry pistoning, or even pistoning in a temporarily lubricated vagina, each motion (especially in the modern trend for shaved vaginas) dries up lubrication, so that very shortly you are essentially un-lubricated once more.

Your body is yours to use and abuse, but I can hardly see that dry pistoning sex is pleasurable, and your vagina seems to agree.

Basically, from the sound of it, you're creating a blood blister, damaging the tissue so that blood accumulates, bursts, then presumably heals until the next time.

Since homosexual men manage to engage in anal sex with a much tighter entrance, and no natural lubrication to speak of, as do many heterosexual couples engaging in that practice, there really is no excuse for subjecting yourself to that punishment, but it is, ultimately, your body and your choice.

Of course, there is then a further connection between the two issues, because any pain and injury is going to feedback and hardly reinforce a delighted anticipation of your next sexual liaison.

There is also a whole range of sensual and sexual activity which doesn't require penetration, and can be as pleasurable if not more so than intercourse, especially if intercourse can only be looked forward to with some trepidation.

Of course, there is one final word that is entirely missing from your post, orgasm. Do you have satisfying orgasms despite your lack of lubrication, which would indeed suggest at least some bio-chemical issue, because orgasm again is strongly mental / emotional, so if you can achieve that, but not the lubrication, it does indeed suggest that you have the mental / emotional connection, but some physical aspect may be disrupted.

I would question your interpretation of many: if only 1 in 1000 women experienced this, that would still represent 50,000 of the approx 50 million women in america between the age of 20 and 40: is that a lot of women (50,000) or very few (1 in 1000)?

I think there are some issues here that require rather more than a written post by a stranger: you do not mention emotion at all (pleasure, anticipation), nor orgasm, but rather it is if you will pardon the irony a rather 'dry' account sex, akin to having a rash on your arm. It is perhaps ironic that pregnancy, which requires a highly physical connection between sperm and egg, should generate such an emotional response, while arousal, whiose triggers are almost entirely emotional, is here described with none.

Ultimately, at the very least a visit to your doctor or clinic are advisable, to handle the physical aspects. You may disagree with me about the mental aspects, but that would also be ironic, given the lengthy literature given to berating men for not appreciating that women are much more emotional, in arousal, and men more visual - witness porn for men vs Mills & Boon for ladies.

As a wicked comedienne put it - of course women fake orgasm: want to give a woman an orgasm, give her a credit card!

Behind the crass and wicked wit, is a powerful point: orgasm, and arousal, are in the mind. I believe, although I'm more than happy to risk being wrong, if medicine can help, that it is there that you might find the greatest benefit, in investigation.


thanks for the advice...

firstly.. i shud say... im not very dry.. im abit wet.. n during intercourse.. it will last less than 5mins.. n it will dry.. n therefore.. i always standby a water.. just to make it wet.. n less pain... as when it is really dry.. both party feel the pain.. n me worst.. n we will stop.

but not very sure y still the growth occur...

i did went to doctor to check.. some says infection.. or bacteria.. even from not doing sex.. just finger... the growth can occur...
it just pissed me off...

orgasm.. yes i can..

its just tat y i always get dry easily but in fact i was high...
n the growth keep re-occuring..


Your growth is a bacterial cyst called a Bartolin Cyst (my best guess without seeing it). It is from bacteria and needs to be cleaned. They could get infected if not treated properly. You can buy a small bottle of colloidal silver spray, which is a natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal and just spray it on a few times a day. 

Flaxseed is a great source of omega-3s but also phytoestrogens (good kind of estrogen). It will definitely help in the wet department. Chia and hemp seeds are also good for omega 3s. 

Good luck! Hope things have gotten better!