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Im 28 Yrs old, my marriage is great and
my wife is very attracted to me and of course
she is more than perfect for me.

she was a virgin, she is 28 as well...

the problem is that i can't make her cum... i had
several sexual partners before and every single
one did cum.

sometimes after i cum, she starts barelly feeling pleasure
but is not about the time, it is only after i cum inside of her.

i consider myselft good at making love and my size
is above the average, also i can last for hours and hours.
she enjoys sex with me, she just wont cum, she will get wet
and get pleasure but she wont have an orgasm.

Recently, just because i wanted to prove myselft or maybe
being stupid i got myselft another girl on the side,
and yes she does cum, in fact i guess because of me
being so worried about it she cums alot, and i mean
alot of times and alot of fluids.

she even tells me she has the best sex ever in her life
with me... so i am very confused, i dont want to ever divorce,
i love her and i guess i dont know how to deal with the whole situation.

Please help.


First of all if you love your wife and don't want a divorce, you will stop cheating on your wife immediately. Second, some women don't have orgasms. They still feel pleasure, but they just never reach that point. Others find it hard to reach that point.


if you loved your wife you wouldnt be cheating on her. so you can not honestly say that you love her. youre a selfish jerk who doesnt deserve to be married at all.


There was no necessary for you to have cheated :( and well be romantic light some candles smoke a blunt and bump biggi smalle- big poppa lol