Sigh. Hello all. I have a major problem. I am a lesbian (now) after being with..oh about 6 men. Each of my male partners have never made me reach an orgasm. I was almost close with 2 of them but I've never climaxed with them. I was always attracted to females but at the age of 15 i've became obsessed with the same sex. I've been in love with my current girlfrien since I was 16. I am now 20. We've been together for 8 months so far. She wasn't a lesbian to start off with, in fact she was never interested in girls before but girls and boys were physically attracted to her. I was the one who pursued her and yet when we have sex she gets extremely wet. she is really aroused by me and I am not aroused by her anymore. the first time I went down on her I got wet, yes but now I don't. she doesn't like penetration and I do. Her ex kinda ruined it for her. I'm trying to get her interested in it but to no avail. Our sexlife is so boring. We literally only go down on each other. I love sex. who doesn't?? I want to learn to love it with her. My ex (a male) is still interested in me and while we were broken up we still had sex (this was before my gf). He is the only one who really turns me on in the bedroom. My gf can barely get me wet. I don't understand it. I am madly in love with her. I want to get her to try new things but she's reluctant. Please help!!