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Hey ya. What’s up?


I was at the business trip for three days. I left my dearest Boo at my cousin’s house. She told me that she will take a really good care of her. I trusted her.

Silly me!


Yesterday when I came back I wanted to run at the park with my Boo so badly, but I couldn’t! And you know why?  Because his paws are hurt and swollen!


She told me that she saw that she is passive but she didn’t know why.

Yea, right!


It happened at the first day when she was “taking care” of him. I am scare of some possible infection now.

What should I do, how to treat swollen paw in my Boo?


Well your cousin made me mad! If you don’t want to take care of the pet properly, why are you saying that you will do that? I don’t understand. It freaks me out because it happens to me a lot of times!


I hope that it is not infected. You need to clean it as soon as possible because it was like three days ago, right?

Anything can happen…

Do not apply any cream, dips, salves and try to keep paws dry and clean all the time.


Sometimes cool water can be a trick until you see the vet. For example, you can make mix of cool tea and use it as a foot spritz.

It can be really helpful.



Hi. You have a Boo?

I think that you are luckiest person alive. EVER! I want to have a Boo but I can’t afford one for me :( Maybe one day.

Maybe I am not an expert but I had a lot of dogs in my life, trust me. I am 43 years old and I know what means when your dog is having a swollen paw and when he is injured. 

It is very important to find the primary cause of it. Treating a swollen paw definitely requires a vet’s visit. It can be caused by bites, stepping on something, even twisting the ankle or some infections and wounds.

I think that swollen paw can be cured only with anti-inflammatory drugs and prescription meds .



My dog’s paw is looking like some good aquarelle picture. Seriously!
It is really swollen and it has three colors I think. At night some liquid is coming out of his paw.
My vet told me that I should put his paws in the salt water for several days.
I should repeat it until I see some progress.
He gave me some antibiotics. I was using antibiotics because I was hoping that this will help me. But I was wrong. It didn’t.
No progress at all.
So, I listened advice that includes salt water.
I see the improvement. I believe that this paws will be fine in couple of days.


Hi everyone,

I don’t recall hearing before about antibiotics as an advice for a swollen paw. As far as I know, in case it’s nothing serious, you could search for a bite wound or for any stings or foreign objects between your dog’s toes. You can also try to grab his leg a bit harder on several places to see if he’s in pain. You basically don’t need any special treatment if it’s a bite or a sting. Unless it gets infected, then you do. In case it is something serious, then you need a vet prescription, you shouldn’t try handling it on your own.



Hey to all,

I heard that Epsom salts can help (not sure, never tried, just heard so). I know about the causes so

it kind of depends on what is the cause of it. Because if it, for example, happens to be a tumor, I don’t

really think that you can treat that with Epsom salts, hah. You need to make him rest, so he doesn’t step

on his paw. If he doesn’t seem to be in pain while putting pressure on it, than he probably doesn’t have

any foreign objects, probably not the case. It could mean that he has cancer or some sort of infection.

That would be the alert to take him to the vet.




Please don’t use antibiotics before you see what is going on exactly.

Look, if your dog has swollen paw cause can be really obvious. You need to look for the cause. Your Boo may have stepped on torn, maybe he burned his pads on the hot asphalt. Maybe he even has some bite from bug or spider.

True this is not that easy to figure out and that is why you need to visit the vet.

I can’t talk about the treatment because swollen paw can cause trauma, infection, allergies, puncture wound, and circulatory problem such as heart disease.


For every cause treatment is different.



Hi everybody,

I’ll agree with you on this Millie, although I have heard that people do use antibiotics but I don’t really see the point. Plus, if you use them too much, your dog will become immune to them and that’s never a good thing.

Well, I never treat it at all, as long as you know the cause. It’s almost always just a sting’s or a thorn’s fault. You don’t need a treatment for those, but you should treat a paw that was burnt on a hot asphalt, but I’m not sure what would be a smart thing to do in that case. I hope that your Boo is better already.



Hey everyone,

I heard about Epsom salts as well. But I think they are more for after you find and take care of the cause, so that the swelling would go off more quickly.

On the other hand, I don’t think you are supposed to do anything else but examine your dog’s paw and his entire leg. If you can’t see anything unordinary, and the swelling continues, you should visit your vet. Those things can be nasty, although the chances are very small. If it isn’t a tumor, it can probably be treated easily. If it is, his leg might have to be amputated.