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After I got married, my wife didn't seem to trust me. She was devious and asked for 1/2 my money , saying she is my wife and I should trust her. So I gave it to her. Then she told me she's never owned a property in her life, and that back in China, where she comes from, she could buy an apartment with the rest of my money, for both of us(and our 1 year old son). So I did. My son is now 9. Both he and I have been to hell and back several times, so I divorced her. Now she wants half my property and money, and claims she has nothing to her name. She is schizophrenic and has been to hospital twice. She doesn't believe she is schizophrenic. She also wants time alone with my son, who detests her. I will probably have to sell my property and give her half, as well as half my money. My son lives with me. At present she sees my son twice a week when I'm home. When I say 'sees', she cooks for him, but shows no affection for him at all. She has to be the most devious schizophrenic around. How do I deal with this person without losing my son and, at the very least, my house? She has threatened to use a Chinese passport and a Chinese 'name'(instead of my sons real name) and take my son away with 1/2 the property settlement and retire in the apartment she bought originally when she tricked me out of my savings.


Hi Cons, I really don't know much about your situation but I am hoping I can help anyways.  One thing that I do know about parenting and having children, that in order for a spouse to take a child out of the country is for a notorized letter that the other spouse has written approval to take child out of country from the lawyers or someone official to sign.  She could be charged with kidnapping if she was to take your son to China and who knows what else.  I am sorry to hear of your situation and it sucks for you, as a dedicated mother I would go berserk as to hear that from spouse - I would be on a constant alert.  Also, if she is not on her meds for schizo she can become (as I am sure you know) quite sneaky/tricky, my uncle was just admitted back into psychiatric care for not taking his schizo meds AGAIN.


Hope this helps?