Have balance symptoms and spinal stenosis of cervical and lumbars spine. It is has been stable until the last MRI.

which show slighlty more pressure on C3-C6.  I work full time and have problems standing for any length of time and walking over three blocks. I am in no pain. My balance is the problems and I have some numbness in my thumb but i have horrible arthritis in my fingers and hands and am not sure where the pain is coming from the spine or nodes on my fingesr and my wrists have carpal tunnel syndorm which I have done nothing about.  My surgeon now recommends that I have surgery...two . One anteriorly to clean out all of the bony debris in C4-6. Then followed at the same time by a posteior incision to place a cage with two screws and rods to hold that part of the spine for stability.  I am scared and am not sure unless I have more sympotms that a little off balance and am able to do less walking. I am only on Motrin for pain.  Feedback would be appreciated. I am a dancer in good shape and 69.