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This is awfully embarrising to ask but
Last Friday, i kind of had sex with my Boyfriend
Which it wasn't long at all.
Let's say , probabbly 10 seconds? Unprotected, sadly
It happened but i'm still been worried this past few days
just thinking about it.
According to him, he didn't acctually ejaculated or anything but
we both got scared, mostly me ( which he may haved pre-cummed)- thing is , he said , it felt really wet inside
I really don't know if it could've been him or me
I just can't put my finger on this.
And i'm scared to ask my parent or friends, since it's personal
Would be greatfull to know the honest answer.

(Just incase, my last period was one week before it happened)


you should wait until your next period and see if theres any changes