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Is this normal

I know that it is normal for little boys to have penile erections but the other day my sisters toddler son had a strange reaction to a scary episode.

Well to be short when I visited her she decided she world handwash his ? jacket since she didn't have anything else to wash it with. She ended up tossing it in the sink in the bathroom and washed it by hands. She placed it with the outer shield (which was the filthiest)downward and the lining was blooping up through the suds in air filled pockets, and when she tried to push one down another one emerged immediately accompanied by a rumbling sound. We didn't notice at the beginning that the boy was standing next to me, watching his jacket being submerged into water and its lining emerging through the suds as big shiny grumbling balloons, a bit curious about what happened, I noticed him, with big open eyes and open mouth, and picked him up, when he saw the balloons he jumped in my arms and peed a bit in his shorts. She took a break from washing and removed the wet shorts and we saw That his penis was a little stiff. I must say I jumped a bit but she just lauget a bit about it all, saying ”oh your pee’r is stiff” She carried him toward the sink, to show him that it was safe as they approached the sink his penis got stiffer and swelled a great deal, pushed down an airballoon with one hand making the jacket grumbling and another one emerged, while holding him with the other, he yell and now he also got some strange contractions in it as well.
She asked him if he was scared, he said ”scared in peer , We thought that was a bit weird, but then again it is his way of describing how he feels but then again I thought of his peer which was still a bit stiff. We were standing for some new seconds thinking about what we was going to do about this. We realized that we probably had scared him a bit he is only three years old. We decided we would take him out of the bate fore a while and I lifted him up carrying him with me, and tried to talk with him. He again said he was ”scared in peer” Soon after his moter was asking us from the bath if he woud come back in, I thought he had calmed down a bit and walked towards the door. At first he wouldn't look but when I talked a bit with him he agreed to another very smal look though still being a bit nervous, wen we walked into the bathroom his penis stiffened again, making him complain a bit about it. He did not want to go any closer, I suggested to take him out again but then my sister decided to ask him to could carry some more detergent to her, I wasn't completely sure abort the idea but decided to go along with it, he agreed and I handed him the package of detergent and carried him to the sink, when we got closer his penis swelled again and when he delivered the detergent he got some contractions in it, and turned away. I tried to talk to him and touched the "lining balloons" myself he didn't want to see and turned away, I took him out a bit again and talk at bit With him before returning to the room, we stayed at the door and after a while he loosened a bit, and after a while he agreed to stay within the room. He was after a while standing at the floor walking a bit forward and backward. He was watching her and sometimes she put a hand on one balloon and pushed and when the blurp followed by a new balloon come, he yayped an almost jumped and run towards the wall, still he managed to come back after some convincing talk from us, and after a while it seamed that he actually got familiar with it and managed to see a quite deal of fun with it, to our big relief. hiss penis was still erected and each time he jumped or got at bit scared I could notice some minor contractions in it. Is that normal? I haven't seen that before? Does it have something to do with him being scared? He was also holding his hands over it a lot of times.

After the episode I’ve had som thoughts, was It wrong to bring him into the bath again? When he had this reaction? Is what happened to the penis normal?

Well I'm probably worrying to much here, but the reaction, was a bit surprising to me as well. Am I worrying to much? Tanks again


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Hmm, that is very strange. I don't know why the emotion of being scared made him have an erection--did he have to urinate?That can cause an erection as well. I don't think you were wrong about bringing him in the bathroom again--bottom line, erection or not, he was scared of the bubbles in the sink--you were showing him there was no reason to be scared, and that was the right thing to do.



Thanks for answering my question. Yeas we thought like you, though I freaked a little bit out by him having the erection and the contractions in the penis when he saw the balloons, and was a little bit worried since he was obviously a little bit bothered by the reaction himself, but we didn't see any other way of showing him, at that moment that it was nothing to be scared of.

I did suggest though that he had a little break before he got back, but his mother thought that that might just make him even more scared and could make it harder to get him to go back later.

I must say I felt a little bit bad for him complaining and didn't understand what happened to his pee‘r.

I probably put a little to much in this, his mother wasn't that worried and also saw the fun in it and also joked a bit about his penis and the reaction in it.

Well thanks again fore your answer