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On Dec 15th me and a guy messed around. His penis was erect and he was rubbing it and so did I. He then started rubbing my clit/vulva for like a minute. His hand and penis didn't feel wet but I was a little drunk/tipsy so I'm not sure I don't remember and also it was dark so I couldn't see too well. So there MAY have been pre-cum or sperm on his penis and then his hand. Is there a chance I could be pregnant? I didn't even think about this until 2 weeks after we did this b/c I didn't think this was possible but I read online of (rare) cases of this kind of pregnancy.

THE SYMPTOM OF PREGNANCY I'M HAVING IS: It's a week before my period is supposed to start (around Jan 13th, sometimes its irregular and doesn't come) and I have a brown discharge starting yesterday and today. Today its more a red brown. It's kind of strange for me for this to happen for this long but like i said sometimes my period is irregular.

I know the chances are slim of this kind of pregnancy happening but if my clit/vulva was wet could the few sperm or pre-cum that MAY have been there (I know they're microscopic) (I'm not sure) swim into my vagina. Another thing is I got my period the next day (Dec 16th), it was lighter but this is not unsual for me.

Please let me know, it's frightening to think I could get pregnant this way!!!!


Does anyone know1?!? It went from brown discharge on monday to today (Wed, 1/8/2014) being blood like a period. It's kind of weird that I get it a week early.