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Hey everyone,
I have been worried to death for some reason about my girlfriend being prego.

Im in need of some reassurance!

Earlier last month October 5 we had protected sex, I used a condom. But I came inside of her, which when I went to pull off the condom everything was fine, didnt see any rips nor holes. (That I know of) All of the sperm was inside the condom.
She was due for her period at the end of the month around October 25. She started spotting, that day then later got her period. (A regular flow, and color) Does the spotting mean anything?
By the way now it November 18th and she says she feels like she has to throw up, but she could just be exaggerating because she tends to always have problems.
But Im 15 and shes 15 so you could probably see where Im coming from. For some reason I cant stop thinking about this. I took all the steps I could towards having protected sex, But im still scared and constantly paranoid it feels like she can say anything and scare me to death.
I hope Im ok, because after this theres no more sex for a while.
But I need some reassurance. PLEASE HELP! THANKS. :|


If she got her period she is NOT pregnant.  The spotting means nothing at all.  Please dont believe those postings that say " I was pregnant and still had my period."  Thats just not how things work its physically immposible to get your period for 9 months while your pregnant.  You can have vaginal bleeding if you are pregnant but its not going to last as long as a period and it wont be the same type of flow as a period.  If your worried about pregnancy in the future you could use extra birth control.  You could talk to your girlfriend about getting on birthcontrol or you could buy spermicide like vaginal contraceptive film.  If something should ever go wrong like the condom slipping or breaking, get plan B from a pharmacy or planned parenthood within 5 days from the incident.  She said she feels like puking, perhaps she ate something she shouldnt have or is just nervous herself.



Thank you, that makes me feel a lot better. Much love!