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Hello! I have a problem with breathing. I think about it all the time and the reason is that I feel the breathing is too low, it is like I can't get a full breath and my body doesn't move along when I breathe. It gives me a hard time because I feel like I have some kind of burden in my back. I feel like I have to gasp for air because the air does not move when I breathe.
It all started a year ago when I had a bad dream about having something in my throat. Waking up I still had this sensation and started to panic. Anxiety was growing and growing until I got hyperventilation - I felt very hot in rooms. Then my breathing suddenly started to CHANGE, I felt I could not go anymore as high as before. At one point there was extremely HOT until the sensation of surrounding air changed COMPLETELY. I felt like my breathing was fixed at a lower level. Two months after the beginning of anxiety my breathing had a final change, becoming very low. I could not feel the air entering my lungs. It has stayed like that after the end of last November. i still live but... this kind of breathing takes all the energy from me, causing extreme tiredness all the time. Has anyone experienced something like that? The tests do not show there is something wrong with breathing but I feel this is not right.

I would be very glad, if someone could give me an advice.


Hello Misty are you any better? what has the doctor said?

dont think mine is the same as you but have problems with breathing in two areas, one getting out of the bath, do you have this?

second waking up at night, no warning anything is going to happen, but felt as though i have not breathed in ages, full details below if you would like to read.

backfground info - I am 5fooot 2.5 inches tall, and weight 8stone 10 lbs. age 48.
and female
had this for years, did not have it as a child.

dont get this very often though but when i do get it there is no warning when i go to bed that it is going to happen and like you, feel like i have not breathed in a long time.

when you try to breath after this, do you feel its hard to get the air in?
thats its blocked off and little space to get the air in?
do you get the same as me, next thing to happen after you have got little bits of air in is for you to start coughing, then you have all this stuff like a tap has been turned on pour down the back of your neck? this stuff is then blocking your airway and making it even more difficult to get your breath! eventually it settles down, but you could not get help at first as you cant get enough air in to move, you think you are going to die if you dont get air in and its been all blocked off.

are you the same, what exactly happens to you?

i can tell you it so clearly as it has happend loads of times over teh years now, but only about 4 times or so a year.

how often do you get it?
how manys years has it happened for?
have you been to the doctors or dont want to go?

another thing i find and this is a seperate issue, is when i have a bath, like baths, i do like the water hot and lie in it, i generally put a bit more cold in before long as too hot, but when i get out, my heart is racing, out of breath, feel weak, but this always happens to me again for years and years, if in the house, have towel on still and have a lie down or sit down. if i put my hand on my chest my heart is beating very strong and very fast. presume due to the water being hot, dont really know. but this always happens to me.

the only tablets i take is thyroxine, taken that for about 9 years and also allergy tablets, tend to take 180mg of telfast, but sometimes change them as dont want them to get used to me, but all common allergy tablets, i get these on prescription so doctor aware of them. as have uticaria and chronic rhinitis, or at least they say i do. dont take the nasal spray but sometimes taket his in the summer with the hayfever season.

its nice to chat to you, hope you are not too bad.