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hi, i mhad a baby 10 weeks ago, i breast fed for 2 weeks my milk wasn't filling her up so stopped.
my right nipple is now inverted, tingly and much smaller than it was originally - saw my doctor on tuesday, she is going to refer me to the breast clinic - is this because it could be breast cancer?????


I believe your changes were caused by pregnancy and the ranging hormones but your doctor is referring you to the specialist just to be on the safe side. Have you seen him/her yet?

Many changes happen to the breasts in pregnancy like changes in size and feel but a woman may also experience inverted and cracked nipples.

It is an increase in progesterone that is responsible for all the breast changes in pregnancy. The tingling sensation is probably caused by the more blood circulates through the breasts. This is also why bluish veins appear on the skin.