I'm 22 years old, female of course. Never had kids, so never breastfed. I've noticed for a couple months now that my left nipple has become inverted when it wasn't before, and my entire left breast is tender and sore. What made me decide to ask about more info on what it could be was that just now, my nipple started feeling sore again and when I looked, it appears to be very dimpled in and won't really pull out at all. I started noticing physical changes in my breasts awhile before the left one started feeling sore; both breasts have become much more saggy and sort of lumpy at the top. I think the left is slightly larger than the right too, which might have something to do with it being sore (but I'm no medical professional, so I don't know). When I started noticing these physical changes, it was recommended that I have a mammogram since breast cancer is in the family, my mom died with it. So I did that but they saw nothing abnormal and said for my age, it's highly unlikely I would get breast cancer anyway. This was all before I started feeling the soreness though. After that, I saw a regular doctor, and she told me that my breasts were misshapen because I had lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. Through strict dieting, I did lose over 50 pounds from January til now. My initial weight was slightly under 210; I'm still heavy chested but dropped from a 42D to a 38D bra size. I don't always wear bras because I'm around the house alot but I try to when I think of it because I figure maybe the support will help somehow. I don't know how to make this soreness go away though, and I'm pretty sure it's not cancer now, so what could it be and how should I fix it? And will my nipple ever go normal again?